These loans are designed to offer members a fast and easy way to get a small personal loan with few qualifications. Any member who meets the following qualifications* is eligible for the Freedom Fast Loan program:

  • 90 days of membership
  • 90 days of job time
  • Full direct deposit with GCCFCU in place for 90 days
  • Member does not have delinquent loans with GCCFCU
  • Member can borrow as low as $300 or up to 1x their gross monthly income or $1500 maximum.

Example: If a member has a direct deposit of $750 a month for their disability income, they could borrow up to $750 on a Freedom Fast Loan. To pay back the loan, a minimum payment of $100 a month ($25 per week, or $50 bi weekly) is required based on the member's payroll deposit schedule. A member can pay the loan off faster with no prepayment penalties.

*Any credit score qualifies and if above qualifications aren't met, the member can apply for a different loan type. There is a $30 application fee once it is determined that the member meets the qualifications listed above. The interest rate is 18.00% APR. A member can have only one Freedom Fast Loan at a time. After six monthly payments have been made on the member's existing Freedom Fast Loan, a new one can be approved to refinance the existing one and new funds added.