Our History

More than eighty years ago, a small group of U.S. Veterans Facility employees met at what was then the Gulfport VA Medical Center to discuss the idea of an improved financial future. They envisioned a not-for-profit financial system in which those who accumulated savings would create a source of loans for those who desired them, enabling both savers and borrowers to realize their financial dreams. The resulting cooperative became the U.S. Veterans Facility Federal Credit Union on April 3, 1935. That same year, the Federal Credit Union Act became law. The Credit Union was granted Federal Charter #242 — the second lowest charter number in the state of Mississippi.

Mr. J. H. Kirby, a night supervisor for nursing assistants at the Veterans Facility, served as the Credit Union's manager for the first eighteen years. This dedicated individual operated the Credit Union in his free time. Legend has it that the assets of the Credit Union were first housed in an old suitcase that Mr. Kirby carried on his rounds. Only later was the Credit Union granted an actual office in the VA facility's laundry. During these years, the Credit Union was open only to those employees of the U.S. Veterans Facility and members of their immediate families. In 1969, the charter was amended to include employees of various other employer groups.

The Credit Union's membership and service offerings grew as employer groups helped their employees realize their dreams by providing them with the not-for-profit Credit Union advantage.

In 1999, the Credit Union became the first in the nation to receive a dual-county community charter under the historic Membership Access Act of 1998, enabling anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in Harrison or Hancock County to become a member. To coincide with the new charter, the Credit Union's name was changed to the Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union to better reflect the community served by the Credit Union.

Our tagline, "Stop dreaming. Start living." serves to remind both employees and members alike that the Credit Union is driven by the same dream today as in 1935 when a handful of VA employees first envisioned it. At Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union, our success is intrinsically tied to our members' quality of life: One Coast, One Community, One Dream.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to love and accept people for who they are while inspiring financial stability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver valued banking solutions that improve our members' financial well-being.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to create a culture of knowledgeable, empowered employees passionate about helping people fulfill their financial dreams.

Our Core Values 

Love, Accountability, Curiosity, Inclusion, Integrity