Only The Truly Passionate Need Apply

We all share a common vision of knowledgeable, empowered employees who are passionate about helping members achieve their financial dreams. This is our dream, and it is consistent with our mission of delivering valued banking solutions.

Named as America's Credit Union's Community Credit Union of the Year and one of the "Best Places to Work in Mississippi," we offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits including 401K, group health and dental insurance, and a generous PTO plan; an in-depth orientation and training program; an innovative professional development program that empowers our employees to chart their career paths and salaries by completing educational online courses; and an inspiring environment that is as rewarding as it is demanding, taking every opportunity to celebrate success. We are proud that our employees are passionate about helping our members, and the result is a high energy, dedicated sales-oriented team that enjoys what they do. This is very important to us: We want employees to have fun at work and be fulfilled in their efforts to help members. If you believe that you could be equally passionate and committed to helping us fulfill our vision and achieve our goals, we'd like to talk to you.

Here are five great reasons why you can't wait to apply because this is exactly where you want to be:

  • You love people and are passionate about helping them.
  • You are a positive thinker with enthusiasm, energy, and a desire to be the best you can be.
  • You find change exciting and motivating.
  • You love learning new things.
  • You like working with people who think outside the box and are continually raising the bar.

Five great reasons why this is NOT where you want to be and you probably shouldn't apply:

  • You don't like talking to people you don't know.
  • You don't like people period.
  • You find change frightening.
  • You get frustrated when trying to learn new things.
  • You'd rather keep a low profile and slide in just under the bar.

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Please read the attached notices for important information when applying for employment with Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union.

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Right to Work Notice in English or Spanish

"Except as expressly provided below or otherwise prohibited by law, either You or We may elect, without the other’s consent, to require that any dispute between us concerning or relating to, directly or indirectly, your employment be resolved by binding arbitration. Judgment upon any award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered by any court having jurisdiction thereof. This agreement to arbitrate shall include any claim involving, but not limited to, our officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, contractors, subcontracts, parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, successor, and assigns.

The arbitration must be filed with one of the following neutral arbitration forums: American Arbitration Associations (“AAA”) or JAMS. For AAA, the arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the AAA Consumer Due Process Protocol in concert with the AAA Consumer Arbitration Rules. For JAMS, the arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the JAMS Comprehensive Arbitration Rules & Procedures. If there is a conflict between a particular provision of the AAA or JAMS Rules and this arbitration provision and/or this agreement, this arbitration provision and this agreement will control. If JAMS or the AAA is unable or unwilling to handle the claim for any reason, then the matter shall be arbitrated by a neutral arbitrator selected by agreement of the parties (or, if the parties cannot agree, selected by a court in accordance with the FAA). The neutral arbitrator selected by the parties or the court shall apply the Federal Rules or Evidence and the Federal Rules of Procedure concerning discovery, except that the below class action waiver is specifically enforceable notwithstanding any Federal Rule of Procedure to the contrary.

The party initiating the arbitration shall pay the initial filing fee. If You file the arbitration and an aware is rendered in Your favor, We will reimburse You for Your filing fee. If there is a hearing, We will pay the fees and costs of the arbitration for the first day of that hearing. All other fees and costs will be allocated in accordance with the rules of the arbitration forum. Each party shall bear the expense of their respective attorneys, experts, and witnesses and other expenses, regardless of who prevails.

Any and all arbitration will take place on and individual basis; class arbitrations and class actions are not permitted, regardless of when the claim or cause of action arose or accrued, or when the allegations or facts underlying the claim or cause of action occurred. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU AND WE AGREE THAT NO CLASS ACTION, CLASS-WIDE ARBITRATION, PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTION, OR OTHER PROCEEDING WHERE SOMEONE ACTS IN A REPRESENTATIVE CAPACITY, MAY BE PURSUED IN ANY ARBITRATION OR IN ANY COURT PROCEEDING, REGARDLESS OF WHEN THE CLAIM OR CAUSE OF ACTION AROSE OR ACCRUED, OR WHEN THE ALLEGATIONS OR FACTS UNDERLYING THE CLAIM OR CAUSE OF ACTION OCCURRED."