Our Members Matter

At Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union, we believe in the credit union philosophy of people helping people. We understand that life can be challenging, and that bad things sometimes happen to good people. That's why we embrace our Mission of delivering valued banking solutions that improve our members' financial well-being.

We have lots of great stories about how we've been able to help our members. Take the member we'll call Jonathan, which is not his real name. Jonathan told us that his wife had been laid off, leaving them with more bills than money and causing him to be late on his car loan payment. Even though their credit wasn't stellar, we were able to consolidate all their debt into one loan that gave them a fresh start and saved them almost $900 a month.

Then there's the member we'll call Josephine, who asked us for a payday loan, explaining that she "had some bills to catch up on." She said she was embarrassed because she'd had a bankruptcy on her credit report, but we were able to explain that this is why we are here — to help. We were able to consolidate all her debt and save her over $2,000 in interest. Her monthly payments were reduced by over $100!

Another member we'll refer to as Juanita confided she didn't know how she would pay for her son's college tuition. The son received a grant but it wasn't enough and the remaining tuition balance was due by the end of the day. We suggested an unsecured, signature loan but Juanita was skeptical because she knew she didn't have the best credit. We explained that at Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union, we listen to our member's story rather than just looking at their credit. We were able to approve the loan and disburse the funds that day so that Juanita's son could stay on campus and start college.

Do you have a story of your own? Our employees are passionate about helping our members fulfill their financial dreams, so tell us your story and let us help you stop dreaming and start living!